Setting up Scikit-Learn & Conda.

cd Downloads/
sudo bash -u
cd /home/user/
nano .bashrc
source .bashrc
conda create --name eninf
conda activate eninf
conda install scikit-learn matplotlib pandas jupyter
Please mind that this is merely a symbolic image, as our environment is named eninf and there is no nilmtk.yml in this context.


The next step involves Jupyter notebooks. Add the environment to Jupyter:

python -m ipykernel install --user --name eninf --display-name "Python (eninf)"

Testing your Installation

The time has come to check your installation. Create a new folder and open Jupyter.

mkdir lab
jupyter notebook lab/



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Christoph Klemenjak

Christoph Klemenjak

Researcher. Machine Learning Enthusiast. European Citizen.